5 Reasons to Pick Solar Pool Heating Instead of Electric

Adding a pool heating element to your swimming pool can mean enjoying a swim when it's a little chilly outside, so you should be able to extend your swimming season by months each year. Gas-fed pool heaters are increasingly uncommon, so most people end up choosing between solar and electric.

Here are just five reasons why solar pool heaters are the best option.

1. Monthly Savings

People will tell you that installing a solar pool heating system is going to be more expensive than installing an electric heat pump, and they're right. The thing is, such thinking doesn't take into account the monthly bills you'll receive each month when you install an electric heater. Heating a pool requires quite a lot of energy—you can either take that energy for free from the sun or pay a higher utility bill each month. Solar might cost more upfront, but you should end up saving in the long run.

2. More Eco-Friendly

Perhaps the most obvious reason to go solar is eco-friendliness. While it's true that electric pool heaters are better for the environment than those that run on gas, it does still require natural resources to create electricity. With solar power, you're using a renewable source of energy and emitting no pollution.

3. Lasts Longer

There's really no such thing as a cheap pool heater—whatever option you choose, it's going to be a sizeable investment. As such, you'll want to get the best return on your investment, and that's just one more reason why solar heating is the smarter choice. There's very little that can go wrong with solar heating systems, so they tend to last significantly longer than electric heating pumps.

4. Reduced Maintenance

As stated above, solar heaters run cleanly without requiring much in the way of maintenance. After all, there are very few moving parts, and fewer moving parts means less chance of wear and tear. You'll only ever need to clean your solar panels occasionally to keep them in good condition. With electric heaters, you should prepare for more regular, extensive and expensive maintenance work.

5. Quieter Performance

Some people use their swimming pools for rigorous exercise, but it's more common for them to be places to relax. Solar panels are ideal for putting you in a peaceful frame of mind since they are the quietest heaters available. Instead of putting up with the nagging hum of an electric heater, you'll be able to relax in perfect peace and quiet.

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